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Although buying real estate or building a home in a different country may sound appealing, reality is that if   you are   not familiar with the country’s “way of life” and we are not talking visiting as a tourist, you may find   yourself in a rabbit   hole.  This is where we come in! We know our way around the Costa Rican system, in   addition, have direct contact   with sellers in Costa Rica, and have a team of builders and architects who will   work with you hand-in-hand.
 From selecting your property to building your home (including all the permits required by the Costa Rican   Government) we will be guiding you in the process and securing all permits on your behalf.


 Find quality properties from local sellers.
 There are many real estate agencies in Costa Rica offering beautiful land and buildings, however, the cost is similar   of buying land and homes in the US.  When you deal directly from the local sellers, often you find a   significant   difference in price.

 Make sure the property has adequate infrastructure for development (road access, electrical, water).     Finding good property is easy, finding good property with Electric water and local amenities is the real challenge.

 Engage trusted resources to complete the purchase and build your home.                                                         From lawyers to do your closing, architect to prepare the blue prints, obtain all the permits to the builder to finalize the   construction.


  •   Property management
  •  Oversee the buying process
  •  Oversee the construction process
  •  Relocation advise
  •  Property Maintenance 
  •  House keeping for rental property
  •  Complete Vacation services (Car rental, Airport transportation, Tours, and any other needs)