​   ​San Isidro de El General 

Banks and Financial  institutions 

 With over 10 different Banks and Financial institutions in the area, many of which have international Banking services. Banks like Banco Nacional, Scotiabank, Banco de Costa Rica, BCR, E&T Escrow & Trust, Coopenae, Instacredit Loans, and even a few Credit Unions. 

Medical Services

  • Hospital Fernando Escalante Pradilla  Open 24 hours. 506-2771-3122 
  • Emergency Clinic PZ  Open 24 hours 506-2772-7070
  • ​Hospital Clinica Labrador Open 24 hours.  506-2771-7115

Things to do

​COMING SOON. With so much to do in the area give us a little time and we will post lots of wonderful and amazing things, From adventure activities like, Surfing, Hiking, White water rafting, and zip lining, to Relaxing activities like Hot mud Spa's, animals watching, Farming classes, and so so much more...

 Local Restaurants 

With over 40 Restaurants, 30 Bars, 10 Coffee shops, 5 Large Grocery stores, and a dozen fresh Market stands you will never worry about food or drink.

Night Life.  When the sun goes down the city doesn't stop. Lots of local Sports Bars to hang out, grab a drink and watch some sports. Or if you like to dance, you will love putting on your dance shoes and exploring over 5 Clubs that cater from the Newest sounds and dance to Tradition Dance Clubs where you will hear live bands playing all different types of Spanish music.



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